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Small Girls PR Is Hiring An Office Manager In Los Angeles

The Office Manager must have a Pepper Potts-like penchant for organization and detail along with the drive and command of the Starship Enterprise’s Captain Kirk.
Image courtesy of Small Girls PR

Image courtesy of Small Girls PR

Mission of the Job

Small Girls PR seeks enthusiastic, organized, go-getter with 2+ years experience to join our growing team.

The Office Manager must have a Pepper Potts-like penchant for organization and detail along with the drive and command of the Starship Enterprise’s Captain Kirk. Making meaningful contributions to the team, maintaining a poised and calm attitude under stress, and running the office like you own it are key to this role (read: channeling a modern, badass Joan Holloway).

Ideal candidates will have a Bachelor's degree and 2+ years office support or assistant experience in a fast-paced environment.

Role Responsibilities & Outcomes

  • Maintain an organized and well-run office space
  • Maintain a clean & organized work space
  • Maintain documentation of where everything is in office in layout & uphold this organization
  • Purchase office supplies and take inventory of current supplies in order to purchase more before an item runs out
  • Managing vendor relationships & coordination therein for the current SGPR headquarters and any future office spaces: Verizon, Con-Ed, National Grid, Super, Landlord, Cleaning Lady, Insurance Advocates, Health Agents, Contractors, etc. ensuring they are paid on time
  • Maintain office cleaning schedule & run dishwasher daily
  • Liaising with IT company for set up & maintenance of office computers, scanner, printer, and wifi
  • Ideating & coordinating decor that would enhance office aesthetics or efficiencies
  • Creation & organization of client binders

Responsible for finance tracking and documentation as well as providing on-site support to our remote bookkeeper

  • Deposit client checks twice a week and report new checks to bookkeeper daily
  • Track and report client expenses to bookkeeper
  • Request and process expense reports from employees, reporting to bookkeeper twice a month
  • Track receipts and categorize outflow of money on company account
  • Receipt filing and organization

Assist HR lead with onboarding new employees

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  • Forward all inbound emails for hiring
  • Prepare for new employee arrival by setting up workstations, getting keys made and purchasing business cards
  • Add new employees to all of the internal systems

Company Culture

  • Instill positivity into working environment through various means (attitude, activities)
  • Take charge of employee celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries and pivotal moments with creativity and thoughtfulness
  • Plan staff lunches once a month and team bonding activities once every quarter
  • Contribute to client brainstorms as requested
  • Purchase and send gifts to clients & connections

Liaison between Small Girls East & West

  • Book travel arrangements when teams travel between coasts
  • Coordinate bi-coastal team building initiatives
  • Coordinate team calendar sharing and manage interoffice updates
  • Serve as a teammate to SGPR NY Office Manager 

Competencies — Examples Include

  • Detail-oriented — Can spot a typo a mile away, diligent with formatting, double checks everything twice and never forgets or misses a deadline.
  • Self-starter — You are exhilarated by the opportunity to own entire projects and assignments. You feel totally comfortable being autonomous.
  • Creative — You love coming up with new and experimental ways to make the office run extra smooth and to celebrate your team members.
  • Efficient — You are able to work quickly without sacrificing work quality.
  • Poised — Able to remain level-headed and calm under stress.
  • Adaptability —You adjust quickly to changing priorities and cope effectively with complexity and change.

Other things of particular note:

  • Annual vacation, on us. Check past ones out on Instagram at
  • 401(k): Better-than-matching, for 2016 Small Girls will contribute 3% of your annual salary into your retirement savings fund, whether you contribute for the year or not.
  • Happy working environment: Fun & productive workplace, Non-competitive (employees are recognized for securing placements for clients outside of their direct domain & helping other hub teams), Everyone held accountable for supporting the team.
  • Strong Company Culture: Group Events (massage & yoga days! themed apparel days! rock climbing excursions!) Celebrations (birthdays! accomplishments! bachelorettes! holidays!) Employees empowered to maintain & institute culture activities (everyone picks up a piece of the SGPR pie at their own interest to put their stake in making this company the best place to be a part of).

To Apply

Apply by emailing HIRING@SMALLGIRLSPR.COM with LA OFFICE MANAGER in the subject line and we’ll be in touch!