Whitney's Chic Duffel Bag For Holiday Travel

This shouldn't even be called by the same name as that sweaty thing you took on sports trips in high school.
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sseko designs duffel

Weekender duffel bag, $400, available at Sseko Designs

Packing for holiday travel will never not take me a million years. It doesn't matter that I've been traveling since before I can remember, that I'm an expert on both the rolling method and the laying-flat methods of packing, or that I've lived out of carry-on size luggage for months at a time in foreign countries. I will always be slow at it and I will inevitably pack at least one thing I never wear and miss one thing I really could've made use of.

But if the packing has to be a struggle, at least the luggage itself can be a no-brainer. And that's exactly what this leather duffel from Sseko Designs presents. Made of ethically sourced, heavy-duty Ethiopian leather, it's the kind of piece that will last and last — and look even better as it ages. The bag also perfectly balances a classic feel without seeming overly vintage in a kitschy way, which is why I've resolved to carry it in the movie of my life when we get to the tearful train station scene where I bid farewell to my lover (or, okay, mom) to go save the world or whatever. Just gotta go learn how to pack the right socks first.

Weekender duffel bag, $400, available at Sseko Designs

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