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The Versatile White Button-Up Whitney Promises Never to Stain

I would take such good care of this. I promise.
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There are at least five white, button-up collared shirts hanging in my closet right now. One is perfect for wearing under overalls, another looks smart with high-waisted skirts, and the sleeveless one is ideal for layering under sweaters. While one might think that five white button-ups means I've reached capacity, I disagree: On the one hand, white shirts are great, but on the other, they're also prone to things like armpit stains and can communicate to the world that, while you are an adult, you sometimes still mix your bright-colored laundry with your white laundry, and that is definitely a mistake. (Not that I would know anything about that.)

But another reason you should know I haven't reached my white button-up capacity is because this knee-length piece from Studio 189 exists, and I don't own it yet. It's long enough that it would look great worn as a dress with boots or sneakers and my denim jacket, but short enough that it would be just the right kind of off-beat when worn over wide-legged pants. Plus, it's ethically made by a female-fronted company with ties to Ghana. So what more could you really ask for?

Andy button-down shirt in white, $225, available at

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