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Maura's Favorite Trackpants That You'll Want to Slip Into After Eating Your Weight in Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!
Tracksmith Women's Bislett Pants in Navy, $148, available at Tracksmith.

Tracksmith Women's Bislett Pants in Navy, $148, available at Tracksmith.

Hey, it's the day after Thanksgiving! If you're reading this, you're probably in close proximity to lots of leftover turkey that's hanging out with some stuffing. But just think about your current state — all of the awkward, politically adjacent tensions have (hopefully) dissipated and the bird's tryptophan has fully kicked in. It's time to get yourself into your most forgiving pair of sweatpants, and do it fast before you've passed out on your grandmother's couch.

I, for one, will be keeping it cozy in this pair of track pants courtesy of the greats at Tracksmith. I'm a big fan of the Boston-based running apparel brand's products for exercise purposes, and have all but lived in these Bislett Pants for the last month. They're not only incredibly comfortable (and, you know, engineered to run in), but come with a nice backstory, too: A now-defunct company in Boston, Bislett Sports International, produced 50 sets of the original Bislett pants in the late '80s. The garments were such an enduring cult favorite that Tracksmith re-introduced them in 2014. 

So, what I'm saying is: You could wear a tattered pair of sweatpants that have a sorority's Greek letters splayed across the butt for some reason or you could slip into a pair that are just as flattering for running a 10K as they are for lounging on the sofa. The choice is yours.

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Tracksmith Women's Bislett Pants in Navy, $148, available at Tracksmith.

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