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The '80s Are Set to Be the Biggest Fashion Trend of 2017

Get ready for power suits, stirrup trousers and plenty of ruffles.
Photo: Randy Brooke/WireImage

Photo: Randy Brooke/WireImage

Fashion's enduring love affair with the 1970s may have hit a bit of a snag. The industry's newfound fascination with the 1980s has been gaining momentum for a few seasons now, but was thrust into high-gear with Marc Jacobs's kitschy, nostalgic resort 2017 collection — especially thanks to that glammed-up MTV sweatshirt. But only now do we have some shred of data that proves that come 2017, we'll all want our MTV.

What to invest in for 2017

In a new report published by international retail analytic firm Edited, the decade of John Hughes movies, the Jane Fonda Workout and "Thriller" is poised to be the biggest fashion trend in 2017. "The 1980s will be huge — everything from power suits and slouchy tailored trousers for officewear, through to off-the-shoulder looks, activewear and [over-the-top] ruffles," the report stated, having analyzed what's trending based on insights from its data scientists. (Edited bases its analysis on more than 520 million global apparel, accessory and footwear products, as well as its work with retailers that include Asos, Net-a-Porter and Topshop.) "Micro trends will also be big (embroidered and appliquéd denim that looks almost customized, band tees, ruffles, feature sleeves and stirrup trousers)." Conveniently, the second season of "Stranger Things" — set in 1984 — is expected to return in July.

Decades aside, Edited anticipates the following categories will come to define 2017: deconstructed trousers, streetwear ("especially overhead branded and slogan hoodies"), corsets for layering, kick-flares and revealed shoulders for women; and streetwear (yes, again), embroidery and badges, distressing on jersey tops, athleisure and '90s nostalgia for men. So while the '80s are expected to overtake the women's market, it looks like men are still suck in the following decade, or within the streetwear bubble.

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Edited was also hard at work compiling the best-selling trends of 2016 which, by and large, lined up with those that Google reported as being "seasonal" and "sustained risers" back in August. Bomber jackets, per Google, remained the year's top item. "Over the last 12 months, more than 61,000 bombers for men, women and children were launched in the U.S. and U.K. alone," Edited wrote on a blog post from Dec. 8. Retailers recognized this bump in interest, and priced their models accordingly. "Unlike the men's bomber category, the average-price women's bomber jacket in 2016 fell by $25 compared to 2015 — from $129.99 to $105.54." Edited then noted that this is "a sure sign that the women's trend is further along in its evolution as a mass market trend." 

Meanwhile, sneakers, off-the-shoulder dresses, jumpsuits, slip and cami dresses and ripped jeans were notable 2016 women's trends, as well, with backpacks and jersey shorts dominating the men's category.

Plan your 2017 wardrobe accordingly.

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