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11 Fashion People to Follow for Funny, Unfiltered Instagram #Content

If you're looking for artfully arranged flatlays and picture-perfect editing, this is *not* the place.
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I'm not sure what prompted it, but I recently found myself unfollowing a majority of my picture-perfect Instagram feed. Suddenly, gone were the flatlays of lipsticks and seasonal candles and adorable desk supplies — images that might take me no less than 40 minutes to arrange — in favor of unfiltered, imperfect realness. I wanted funny, not flawless! I wanted references to Guy Fieri, and unfiltered images with personality and bite! I wanted to add some life back into my feed, because I was getting damn sick of seeing the same eight pictures crop up all over the place.

And despite fashion's notorious fascination with perfection, a solid number of funny models, editors and general "It" people have made such unfiltered posts their go-to aesthetic — excuse, me #aesthetic. For those moments when your feed feels nothing more than a collection of acai bowls and #ootds, this roster of nonconformists will bring you back from the Instagram graveyard. Enjoy.

Mica Arganaraz

Handle: @micaarganaraz

Why you should follow her: As a Prada and Chanel muse, Mica Arganaraz is already much-loved by the fashion set. But in addition to her slew of A-list campaigns and runway looks, her feed features memes, reposted works of art and the occasional pithy, well-captioned selfie.

Molly Bair

Handle: @molllsbair

Why you should follow her: If you're reading this, you're probably already following Molly Bairrunway cape queen — whose posts are as unfiltered as they come. I, for one, live for Bair's penchant for drugstore sunglasses. This post was a highlight.

Rachel Besser

Handle: @rachelbesser

Why you should follow her: Do you like Chicago sports (yes, hi, me!), great clothes and even greater humor? And such high-brow elements as McDonald's fries and spray-painted tees? Refinery29's Rachel Besser's got you.

Andreea Diaconu

Handle: @andreeadiddy

Why you should follow her: You know IMG-backed Andreea Diaconu from her bevy of runway appearances, editorials and campaigns (the latter of which include J.Crew and Donna Karan), but you need to get on her feed filled with nature shots, New York City backdrops and well-eyebrowed selfies.

Danielle Greco

Handle: @thugsbunnny

Why you should follow her: This VFiles staffer boasts a huge following, and not simply because her Instagram features behind-the-scenes snapshots of the hip, edgy boutique. Plus, that handle! Good stuff.

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Harleth Kuusik

Handle: @harlethkuusik

Why you should follow her: Harleth Kuusik, repped by The Society Management, is best pals with Bair, and she follows Bair's lead with blurry selfiesmildly unappetizing sandwiches and, as pictured above, enthusiastic excursions to Walmart. 

Tilda Lindstam

Handle: @tildalindstam

Why you should follow her: Last January, referred to Tilda Lindstam as "the funniest model on Instagram (and beyond)" and nearly two years later, the reviews still hold up. She doesn't post regularly, but when she does, it's clear that she's naturally hysterical — you know she's not trying too hard — and doesn't take herself too seriously. Both pluses.

Leandra Medine

Handle: @leandramcohen

Why you should follow her: I already follow Leandra Medine. You already follow Leandra Medine. Humor and candor are her lifeblood; she runs this list.

Ali Michael

Handle: @ali_michael

Why you should follow her: Ali Michael's one of the most successful editorial models working right now, and while her feed certainly spotlights her recent work for Violet, V Magazine and Playboy, it's her selfies — in the Gatwick Airport bathroom, for instance — that light up our social media experience.

Phoebe Tonkin

Handle: @phoebejtonkin

Why you should follow her: Aussie model Phoebe Tonkin is quite active on Instagram, and her posts vary from baby pictures to Hillary Clinton support to silly, self-aware captions, as evidenced above.

Binx Walton

Handle: @binxwalton

Why you should follow her: It's worth following Binx Walton's entire bad-girl #WangSquad (including Lexi Boling, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Anna Ewers, etc.), but her posts are tops, as important and political as they can be goofy and rebellious.

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