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Coach's Cubs Key Ring Is Necessary for Maura's Fellow Chicago Super-Fans

A li'l post-World Series treat.
Coach Men's MLB Key Ring, $65, available at Coach.

Coach Men's MLB Key Ring, $65, available at Coach.

I'm pretty annoying about sports. I know it. If you follow me on social media (and haven't muted me by now, understandably), you know it. But Chicago teams play very heavily into my near-spiritual connection with my hometown, where I lived for 22 years before moving to New York City after college. The Cubs, particularly, have my heart — I grew up a quick El ride away from Wrigley Field, so I was fortunate enough to frequently attend games with my parents, both life-long Cubs super-fans, perched up in Section 420. I played second base because Ryne Sandberg did, and found myself memorizing the team's stats for years in case the boys in my class grilled me about not being a "true fan" because I was a girl. (This still happens with adult men more regularly than you might think. Just one more example of how sexism is alive and well in 2016.)

When the Cubs advanced to the NLDS back in October, I was very excited. When they advanced to the NLCS, my boyfriend (also with Chicago roots, conveniently) and I flew back home from New York for 24 hours so we could go to Game 6. When they advanced to the World Series, I flew home again, this time to spend the once-in-a-lifetime experience with my parents and friends, many of whom had also flown in from all corners of the country. It was an incredibly special time, and would have been had the Cubs not won it all, but I'm happy they did. I'll never forget it.

Anyway, knowing my #brand, Fashionista favorite Cam Wolf recently tweeted a Coach brand Cubs wallet at me. Upon further perusal, I landed on this $65 Cubs "C" key ring. (For interested parties who aren't Cubs fans, it's also available for six other MLB teams.) It's a lot of money to drop on something that, inevitably, just sits in your bag or coat pocket, but think about its shelf life — the "C" is made from really beautiful leather, so with good care, it should last you as long as your fandom does. In my case, that'll be forever.

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Coach Men's MLB Key Ring, $65, available at Coach.

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