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The Tumblr Pink Nail Polish Stephanie's Wearing Right Now

Fine, "Glossier pink."
Glossier Nail Polish, $12, available at Photo: Glossier

Glossier Nail Polish, $12, available at Photo: Glossier

There's this one color that millennial women — and the brands that cater to them — seem to really love right now. Maybe you've heard? Tumblr pink, millennial pink, Glossier pink: It goes by a variety of different names, but the bottom line is that it's become a major presence in fashion and beauty over the last few years. And now, you can wear it on your nails. In fact, I am, right at this very moment as I type these words.

Launched as part of Glossier's limited-edition holiday-oriented Black Tie Set, the brand's first-ever nail polish comes in — you guessed it! — the perfect shade of pale pink. I've been wearing it for about a week now and have received approximately 28 compliments from fellow millennial women in that timespan. Just saying. In addition to being a millennial-bait shade, the formula itself is also pretty legit: it goes on smoothly, creates an opaque, non-streaky finish in two coats (not always the case with pastels) and lasts for a solid week without chipping or dulling (in my experience, at least). 

As of today, you can now buy the polish (as well as the eyeliner, lip gloss and highlighter) separately, meaning you don't need to drop $50 just to get your hands on this shade (er, this shade on your hands?).

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Glossier Nail Polish, $12, available at

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