Irina Shayk Recreates the 'Ghost' Pottery Wheel Scene for 'Love' Advent

But what is she sculpting?
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Irina Shayk, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show participant and newly pregnant person, is the Day 2 star of Love Magazine's 2016 Advent calendar. Hot on heels of Bella Hadid's cigarette-enhanced jazzercise video, Shayk's turn involves a near shot-by-shot recreation of Demi Moore's iconic pottery scene from "Ghost." Set to the Righteous Brothers's "Unchained Melody," as in the movie, the Phil Poynter-directed clip opens with Shayk straddling the pottery wheel in her lingerie. 

Shayk gets really into it, which is great! Pottery is a timeless (and not to mention functional!) creative outlet! A commendable hobby! But — and we're no Rodins here — did Love really think we wouldn't notice her form? What is this she's trying to construct, exactly?



We'll leave the above up to your interpretation. Meanwhile, you can watch Shayk's full Love Advent video above, and cross-reference it with the original below. 

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