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Kylie Jenner Stars in a 2017 Calendar Shot by Terry Richardson

She gave fans a sneak peek on Snapchat and Instagram.

With Kylie Jenner's online shop set to open on Saturday, Dec. 10, the celebrity mogul gave her followers a sneak peek of what's in store on Sunday evening. In addition to her cosmetics line and brand new Kylie-adorned #merch, Jenner will release a 2017 calendar with exclusive photos of, duh, herself, shot by Terry Richardson. Watch out, Pirelli.

"I've always wanted to do this," said Jenner on her Snapchat as she revealed a photo for the month of April. She's seen wearing fishnet tights, a shirt that says "please insert money" with fishnet sleeves and a pair of pigtails as $100 bills rain upon her. You know, probably a typical day for Jenner in April.

On The Kylie Shop's official Instagram page, Jenner also gave a glimpse of the calendar's back page: the 19-year-old poses in a two-piece with a giant python snake. And that's all we're going to say about that.

Jenner also announced that shoppers can expect the same offerings from her online store at her pop-up at the Westfield Topanga mall in Canoga Park, CA, as well. The shop will open on Friday, Dec. 9, which means you can actually get this calendar (and more) a full day ahead of its official release. We won't be surprised if we see Jenner's calendar floating around on eBay around that time, too.

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