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Whitney’s Work-Appropriate, Sustainably Made Dress

Recommending this to everyone who’s ever asked me where to get ethically made office clothes.
Hidden button shirtdress, $192, available at One by One.

Hidden button shirtdress, $192, available at One by One.

Dressing for work when you have a fashion job is both easier and harder than if you work in other industries. On the one hand, dress codes in fashion tend to allow for more creativity, so you’ll probably find more wiggle room in terms of expressing yourself. But on the other hand, there’s also more pressure to present A Look when you walk into the office at a fashion gig than if you worked in, say, teaching.

That said, no matter the industry, everyone wants to look professional and put-together while on the job. And since your fashion and beauty choices have a sizable impact on how others perceive you even if you’re not working in an industry that’s explicitly concerned with appearance, making intentional choices with your clothing is never a bad idea.

In the search for office-appropriate garb — for both fashion people and non-fashion people — just-launched ethical clothing brand One by One is a great find. This shirtdress from the brand is classic enough that I’ll be wearing it for years, but the minimalist silhouette and asymmetrical hem feel perfectly of-the-moment (and fashion-forward!), too. And since its manufactured ethically in L.A. and made of sustainable materials like Tencel, which is generated from wood cellulose, I feel just as good recommending the dress to my friends as I feel wearing it myself.

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Hidden button shirtdress, $192, available at One by One.

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