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Where to Find the Hottest Shoes for Every Occasion

…and how to get them for only $10!
The author. Photo: Whitney Bauck/Fashionista

The author. Photo: Whitney Bauck/Fashionista

I don't know about you, but lately, it feels like my phone's been buzzing non-stop with reminders about the millions of events I have coming up soon: From those after-work cocktails I scheduled with my editors a while ago to my best friend's wedding the weekend after, and of course, New Year's Eve (!), it's all a little overwhelming!

Sure, I'm looking forward to all of them, and yes, it's the perfect excuse to go shopping — but something I'm not exactly looking forward to? Blowing an entire month's rent on my getups (and yes, I'm wearing different outfits to all three parties, obviously). 

While I'm all set clothing-wise, I've been putting off finding the perfect shoes. What can I say? I'm a last-minute kinda gal — and, again, I don't want to be so broke that I can't afford to treat myself to a blowout, too. Sure, my friends would probably be fine with me showing up to their party barefoot, but my boss? Don't think so.

Enter my new footwear savior, ShoeDazzle. This website has a seemingly endless supply of shoes for every occasion — and best of all, they're insanely affordable. 

So without further ado, here are the shoes that I'm eyeing right now on ShoeDazzle to complete my party outfits this season. I'm having a little trouble choosing which pair is my favorite... but at these prices, I guess that doesn't really matter, does it?

After-Work Cocktails 

The Adrienne: Regularly $59.95, New VIP Member Pricing $9.99

As a rule, it's generally a good idea to dress a little more conservatively when you're hanging out with people from work, even after hours — but that doesn't mean you need to look boring. I love The Adrienne pump because it's a total classic with a bit of a sexy edge. The sleek heel and pointy toe perfectly complement the pencil skirt I've got picked out for my office holiday party, and the lace-up details not only keep them looking trendy, but also ensure that I won't end up losing my stilettos in an escalator grate. I mean, crazier things have happened! Best of all, this shoe works with basically everything in my wardrobe, so I know I'll end up wearing it over and over again.

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The Leonie: Regularly $59.95, New VIP Member Pricing $9.99

Platforms are amazing for so many reasons: they're cool, versatile, and above all, they're extremely comfortable. And I don't know about you, but when I'm at a wedding, I like to dance my tush off — so wearing comfy shoes is a must. That said, I wasn't about to show up to my GF's big day wearing flats. So after lots of careful consideration, I went with The Leonie. The platform means that I can still stand (and dance!) tall, without having all that painful pressure on my feet. And I love that they come in velvet, i.e. my favorite fabric this season. So even when I get tired of trying to do the Dougie and have to sit out a couple of bangers, I can still entertain myself by petting my extremely soft shoes. Now that's what I call a win-win.

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Girls' Night Out  

The Lisabette: Regularly $59.95, New VIP Member Pricing $9.99

To me, organizing a girls' night out is really just an excuse to get a little wild with my best friends — both on the dance floor, and in the fashion department. So when it came to picking out a shoe to wear on the most epic GNO of the year — yep, I'm talking about New Year's Eve, baby! — The Lisabette was a no-brainer. Shiny and fabulous, this sandal is the definition of fun footwear. But its appeal goes way past its sparkly exterior: The Lisabette's chunky heel means my feet are going to feel supported, and the adjustable strap gives me a fit that feels tailor-made. In other words, there's nothing that'll stop me from staying up all night, and morning — not even a pair of four-inch heels. Oh, and if you haven't heard, silver is a new neutral — meaning it goes with pretty much everything

>>Take the Style Quiz to access the Lisabette 

Shopping on ShoeDazzle is simple: Just enter your email, take a fun Style Quiz and you're in! And signing up for a VIP membership sweetens the deal even more. Spending just $39.95 a month gives you access to all the latest ShoeDazzle styles, all priced up to 30 percent lower than retail. Want to skip a month? No sweat. Either choose to cancel that month's payment by the 5th, or your cash becomes credit — able to be spent on anything, at any time. 

Bonus: ShoeDazzle is offering new VIPs their first style for only $10. I know — it's in-sane. Take the Style Quiz to begin enjoying a little slice of carefully curated shoe heaven. 

All photos: Whitney Bauck/Fashionista

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