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Whitney’s Perfect Dad Sweater Replacement

Just as comfy, twice as chic.
Crewneck Merino sweater, $105, available at Siizu. Photo: Courtesy of Siizu

Crewneck Merino sweater, $105, available at Siizu. Photo: Courtesy of Siizu

I spent the first year of undergrad mostly wearing thrifted men's sweaters with leggings. As a child of the tropics, adjusting to winter dress involved a steep learning curve and I pretty much wore whatever I could get my hands on that looked vaguely warm. I'd spent years perfecting my ability to look put-together in the face of outrageously high temperatures combined with swimming-pool-level humidity, and now I was supposed to know how to layer my tights and not look dumb in a hat? Needless to say, my early winter wardrobe was sartorially sub-par in comparison to what I rocked in my hometown's endless summers.

Years later, I now own more than one pair of snow-withstanding boots and my coat selection has increased by 300 percent, both of which are winter wardrobe accomplishments I'm proud of. But I still have a bit of a soft spot for oversize sweaters, which is why this Merino wool number from Siizu is a new fave. The relaxed fit and waffle knit remind me of my best dad sweaters, but the side slits and simple design feel a whole lot classier. Worn with ripped vintage jeans and pristine white sneakers, it makes me feel like a significantly more grown-up version of my new-to-snow self. Plus, I did my homework to make sure that Siizu uses eco-friendly sourcing practices and responsible manufacturing, which makes me feel like all those research skills I learned in college are being put to good use. (One note: this sweater really does run oversize, so there's no need to go a size up if you're looking for a roomy fit.)

Crewneck Merino sweater, $105, available at Siizu

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