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The Most Comfortable Underwear Tyler Has Ever Bought

High-waisted panties for President 2020.
Aerie Retro Hi-Rise Boybriefs, $9.50, available at

Aerie Retro Hi-Rise Boybriefs, $9.50, available at

Having come of age in the late '90s/early-aughts, I have always eyed high-waisted items with a healthy dose of suspicion. Surely, these are the items best left to our mothers — nay, our grandmothers. (I have a very hip mom.) But as I have grown older — and, okay, as the silhouette has come into style again — I have slowly allowed high-waisted items to creep into my wardrobe; a skirt here, a pair of jeans there. 

High-waisted underwear, though, seemed a bridge too far, especially since they're affectionately referred to as "granny panties." Still, while taking advantage of the seven-for-$27.50 deal at Aerie, I thought: What the hell. Why not? I threw a few pairs into the mix, and folks, let me tell you:

My whole life has changed

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As soon as I slipped them on, I understood the appeal. Gone were the weird lines where waistbands pinched in at my hips. I didn't have to discretely try to pull anything up underneath my workout leggings mid-yoga. I danced around my apartment wearing a pair with a pajama top, Lena Dunham-style, and I have never felt better in a pair of underwear. Are they sexy? I don't know — and I don't care. My lower bits are covered in a solid square foot of fabric, I feel safe, swaddled and secure, and while I will still worry about my ass metaphorically speaking, never will I again fret over my literal ass. 

Aerie Retro Hi-Rise Boybriefs, $9.50, available at

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