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Alexa Chung's Latest Campaign Video for AG Is Very, Very, Very Funny

Please enjoy the "It" girl's newest misadventure: an awkward Parisian dinner party.

Alexa Chung, noted jeans-wearer, designer and professional charming person, is back with AG for the spring 2017 season. This marks her third year with the California-based denim brand — which first she joined with Alexa Chung for AG's spring 2015 capsule, later becoming the face of AG's main line for fall 2016 — and Chung has clearly found her niche within the company. Which is to say, creating groovy, vintage-tinged collections and marketing them to precision. (There's a reason Alexa Chung for AG goods sold out so quickly.) But this season's campaign push — a very funny three-minute video directed by Johnathan Crocker, the brand's VP of Global Communications — will be tough to top. 

Here's the setting: Chung attends a Parisian dinner party where she knows no one. She gnaws on radishes, drinks alone and attempts to converse using all the elemetary-level French in her arsenal. (Standout phrases translate to: "I am a girl," and "Is there a bank near here?") But the best moments are the Jim Halpert-esque cutaways, which she does expertly throughout. Have you, too, ever made this face during an uncomfortable social engagement?

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Chung ties it back in with AG by the end, though we won't spoil how. That wouldn't be any fun, now would it? We just hope her work for her own forthcoming fashion label will be this, uh, drôle. You can watch the full clip above.

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