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ASOS Is Making Velvet Chokers For Dudes a Thing Now

Are man chokers the new man bun?
ASOS Choker in Emerald Velvet Look, $9.50, available at

ASOS Choker in Emerald Velvet Look, $9.50, available at

On Monday, Fashionista's own Tyler saw this tweet making the rounds: "ASOS have started selling men's chokers," wrote @aaronlxd. "Can already tell 2017 is gonna be a shite year."

Though we can't determine the outcome of this year because of a retailer's choice of goods, we can confirm that ASOS is indeed offering chokers for dudes. The newest arrivals come in velvet — everyone's favorite fabric this season — in equally trendy colors: emerald green, pink and classic black. The last color is sold out, BUT you can still get one if you order the two-pack set (!) that's available. Other iterations include a suede wraparound design, red paisley printstudded leather, braided leather and, of course, silver and gold metal. Does this mean man chokers are the new man buns? Insert that thinking emoji face about a hundred times here.

We're not saying that chokers are strictly for ladies; Harry Styles did a particularly stellar job rocking the look for Another Man. What is perplexing is the timing of it all. (According to ASOS's website, the items are fairly new to its inventory.) The accessory hit "It" item status during Coachella last year, prompting Taylor Swift to wonder if chokers are the new flower crowns. (She was not wrong by the way.) Celebrity stylists like Monica Rose championed the tiny string piece as well, and the trend quickly hit its peak — and death — in 2016. Plus, if Alexa Chung is already declaring RIP to chokers, best believe we're following suit.

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But we suppose this damn fabric swatch with a lobster clasp has found its second wind, at least in the ASOS men's department. Enjoy them while you can, guys.

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