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The Kickass Sports Bra That Would Make Whitney Feel Like An Action Hero

The eco-friendly fabric means I get to be a real-life good guy, too.
Jennifer zip bra, $88, available at Beloforte

Jennifer zip bra, $88, available at Beloforte

I'm not the most intense exercise devotee I've ever met. Sure, I played sports in high school, and yes, I did run a half marathon this year after not having so much as touched my running shoes in years. (Not something I'd recommend, for the record, but I did feel pretty proud that my body could do it on less than 24 hours notice). But in general, my exercise routine is limited to a lot of walking, taking the stairs to my third-floor apartment, a bit of yoga and sporadic bouts of weekend dancing.

In short, I'm not the girl you'll bond with over protein shakes and power lifting. But this sports bra from Beloforte, an eco-friendly brand based in LA, makes me feel like I could be. The mesh paneling and high-neck zip front reminds me of the kind of thing some badass chick from an action flick would wear as she kicks down the door and takes out the bad guy. Real hardcore athlete or no, that's a feeling I'd enjoy. Plus, the fact that the textiles are made from recycled plastics right here in the USA gives me the confidence that I can be a real-life good guy by choosing to support a company that does things ethically.

Jennifer zip bra, $88, available at Beloforte

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