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Sometimes breakouts just happen, despite our best intentions (and many sheet mask uses). We've chronicled ways to treat adult acne and keep blemishes at bay — not to mention methods for fading the scars they can leave behind — but there are also occasions when your best course of immediate anti-pimple action is a good concealer. If you can't have flawless skin, you can sure as hell fake it.

But not all cover-ups are created equal; some are ideal for masking dark undereye circles (you can read about our favorite picks for that purpose here), while others can make pimples disappear by neutralizing redness, blending seamlessly and sometimes even packing an extra dose of a zit-zapping treatment. We've culled the nine best concealers for breakouts in the gallery below — click through to see 'em all.

Top photo: Imaxtree

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