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The Glasses That Will Save Alyssa a Lot of Squinting at Her Computer Screen

And, hopefully, reduce the amount of electronics-induced headaches she gets per week.
Photo: Edie & Watson

Photo: Edie & Watson

Breaking news, friends: I spend a solid chunk of my waking hours staring at screens. From the time I log on from my laptop around 7:45 a.m. each day, my poor eyeballs are subject to the harsh glow of a computer, an iPhone and, when I'm trying to unwind in the evenings, the television that provides me with the mind-numbing goodness of "Vanderpump Rules" and other quality programming. However, I know this isn't exactly good for the body (or the soul, to be honest) — I constantly worry that squinting and eye strain will cause my decent vision to worsen and, even worse, create deep wrinkles that no amount of moisturizing could keep at bay.

My husband, a web designer and software developer, is very much in the same boat, and on a recent trip to Paris, he came across a pair of handsome, correction-free frames that purport to filter out some of the blue light that's the culprit behind my aforementioned woes. I borrowed them one day when he forgot them on our coffee table, and now I'm in the market for ones of my own. I did notice a significant decrease in the squinty, forehead-squishing expression I often make while I work, and even better, I didn't get a headache that day! (This might not sound significant, but I'd venture to guess that I go home with one at least three workdays per week. That's a lot of Advil, folks.)

Parisian start-up Edie & Watson has plenty of chic options — some with slight correction — for both men and women, and come at a modest price point. If you, like me, feel like you're going through life surgically attached to a device with a screen, these seem to be a sound investment.

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"Twin Peaks" frames, about $47, available at Edie & Watson.

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