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This Cropped Fendi Sweater Is the 'It' Item of February 2017 Magazines

It's been on three covers so far.
The cropped sweater from Fendi's spring 2017 runway show. Photo: Imaxtree

The cropped sweater from Fendi's spring 2017 runway show. Photo: Imaxtree

If you happen to see the same cropped-and-striped sweater throughout your favorite fashion publications this month, it's more than a case of déjà vu. The popular top hails from Fendi's spring 2017 collection, and so far, the sweater has been spotted on not one, not two, but three magazine covers for 2017 — and January isn't even over yet. 

The first instance was debuted by InStyle with its Gwyneth Paltrow-covered February issue, followed by Elle UK, which showcases Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on its February cover. Though Paltrow sports the Fendi knit in bubblegum-pink, editors at Elle UK chose to shoot it in red.

Fashion media started pick up on the trend, and some weren't happy about it. The Fug Girls questioned the appeal of the sweater, or as they call it: "THE WORST TOP."

"That's just a band of fabric. You know that, right? Just a superfluous little band around her waist? For no reason?" wrote Jessica. We'd have to agree with The Fug Girls on this one. Unless Karl Lagerfeld thinks this is some chic way of showcasing underboob — and hiding one's ab crack — what exactly is that band of fabric for?!

Spring magazine covers <3 this Fendi sweater. Photo: Courtesy

Spring magazine covers <3 this Fendi sweater. Photo: Courtesy

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Lastly, Fendi's white variation of the sweater also gets its moment in the spotlight with Elle's February "Women in Television" issue, which stars the cast of HBO series "Big Little Lies." Among the four covers, who was the lucky one to wear the ubiquitous top? Shailene Woodley.

And that's just magazine coversW Magazine also included the piece in an editorial for its own February issue.

Plus, Aamito Lagum modeled the same top in a "Think Pink" editorial for Harper's Bazaar. Though, the publication featured the sweater in its December/January 2017 issue.

Last fall, magazines were also partial to a certain Proenza Schouler sweater, as seen on Gigi Hadid for Vogue's August cover shootKendall Jenner for her September Vogue editorial and Emily Ratajkowski on the October cover of Glamour. It's a style cycle that the fashion industry can't seem to ever break: Previous ubiquitous items include a pastel Prada dress from fall 2015, which reportedly resulted in a employee getting fired, and a pink chiffon Gucci gown.

So what will be the "It" editorial item for next season? We'll have to wait until Fashion Month to place our bets.

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