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Hey, Quick Question: What Does It Mean That Glossier Has a Pending Trademark for 'Boysturizer'?

Emily Weiss, what are you up to?

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion (and beauty) industry. Enjoy!

Male-oriented beauty products are having a moment. L'Oréal, CoverGirl and Maybelline have each named their first-ever male brand ambassadors over the course of the last several months, while fashion writer David Yi also launched a men's beauty site, Very Good Light, in October of 2016. And let's not forget DJ Kahled's unabashed commitment to grooming rituals and Palmer's Cocoa Butter.

And now a beauty sleuth on Twitter has uncovered what may be another sign of the expansion of the dude beauty industry: Glossier apparently has a pending trademark for the term "Boysturizer."

In response, we ask, what does it all mean??????

Here's an obvious theory: Glossier will launch a male-targeted moisturizer. And while that may sound vaguely reminiscent of Bic's Pens for Women, most dermatologists will tell you that men and women do have different skin, and therefore different skin-care needs. In addition to the fact that men have to contend with facial hair and shaving, the skin on their faces also tends to be thicker and generally a bit more prone to sebum production. So a "Boysturizer" specifically formulated for dude's faces — maybe it's mattifying and designed to fight ingrown hairs? — might not be that much of a stretch.

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An alternate possibility: Glossier just wants to use that term to market one of its existing moisturizers. After all, Glossier's cult-favorite Boy Brow has had notoriously high demand. So perhaps the cool-girl beauty startup is merely looking to capitalize on that success by boy-ifying another of its key products. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Electronic Search System, Glossier first filed the application for the trademark in October of 2014, and given that it's still pending years later, who knows whether it will ever really wind up having any implications at all. Companies often file trademarks without ever applying them to a product. A representative from Glossier declined to comment at this time, so until we find out more, we'll be over here, daydreaming about men who love moisturizing.

Mer-man! Photo: Giphy

Mer-man! Photo: Giphy

Emily Weiss, what are you up to?

Homepage photo: @Glossier/Instagram

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