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Kellyanne Conway's Gucci Inauguration Coat Costs $3,600

She called it "Trump revolutionary wear."
Kellyanne Conway. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Kellyanne Conway. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

This is a picture of Kellyanne Conway, Republican strategist, pollster and former campaign manager, at Donald Trump's presidential inauguration on Friday. She's wearing a red, white and blue Gucci coat that was a) made in Italy — as Gucci is, of course, extremely Italian — and b) retails for $3,600. She described it as "Trump revolutionary wear" to NBC Bay Area reporters. 

Conway also wore a felt hat that can only be described as festive, and that we believe was made by Nine West and last retailed at Macy's for $32.

So, here's the thing: The fashion industry — and the clothing items themselves — have long been incredibly important wheels in the broader American political machine. Conway understands this, being a member of the same party that condemned Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in June for wearing a $7,497 Giorgio Armani jacket to give her New York primary victory speech. 

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On Friday, Eric Wilson, InStyle's fashion news director, was quick to point out the obvious:

It's not uncommon for public figures in the American political sphere to be criticized for wearing expensive and/or foreign-made clothing, as it's a tricky line to tread: It's happened with Michelle Obama, Ann Romney and Sarah Palin, among others. But the background and significance of those clothes do carry quite a bit of weight, and context is important.

Eagle-eyed CNN reporter Kate Bennett noted that the garment was part of Gucci's resort 2017 collection, which gave a special tribute to England's rich costume history:

Aesthetically, her messaging was on the nose, per her own "revolutionary" comments:

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