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Lil Yachty Is Nautica/Yachty-ca's New Creative Designer

The 19-year-old hip hop artist calls the brand "a part of me."
Lil Yachty for Nautica. Photo: Nautica

Lil Yachty for Nautica. Photo: Nautica

Noted maritime enthusiast Lil Yachty was just named a creative designer for Nautica*, the brand announced on Friday. The 19-year-old Atlanta-based hip-hop artist served as the face of the '90s-favored apparel brand's recent collaboration with Urban Outfitters. And now, Nautica is bringing him on full-time, because we're all making conscious decisions to make 2017 a better year than 2016.  

"Nautica is like a part of me," Lil Yachty said in a release from the brand. "It's for kids, sailors, grown men and cool people. The designs — the old designs, the new designs, I think it's dope. There's not really much out there like Nautica."

*Wait, did we actually mean "Yachty-ca?" Embarrassing for us.

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