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Milk Makeup Will Expand Its Line And Its Retail Presence in 2017

The wildly popular fledgling beauty brand just received its first outside investment.

Since launching last year, Milk Makeup — the cool-kid beauty line from the co-founders of fashion hub Milk Studios — has taken off at an impressive rate. After partnering with major retailers like Sephora, Urban Outfitters and Birchbox, as well as garnering a cult-like following amongst the social media beauty community, the brand announced its first outside investment on Monday. The new influx of capital comes from Main Post Partners, a private equity firm with a history in the beauty space; the partners behind it also played a role in Too Faced's meteoric rise after selling it to General Atlantic in 2015, which recently sold it to Estée Lauder for a record-breaking $1.4 billion.

The new investment will mean opportunities for Milk Makeup to expand, both in terms of product development and inventory maintenance (they've had a hard time keeping some of their products in stock due to their overwhelming success in the past), as well as retail reach. In addition to expanding into Sephora's Canadian stores, the company also plans to "quadruple its door count in 2017," according to a release. It's unclear whether that means partnering with additional brick-and-mortar retailers or perhaps even venturing into independent Milk Makeup stores. 

"Milk redefines the discovery experience for consumers who love creativity and self-expression. They are the rebels, thinkers and makers who shape our vision and bring it to life," said Mazdack Rassi, co-founder and creative director for the brand in a statement. "Right now as a company we're focused on listening to and growing our community, and that means we have to scale and market ... Main Post will give us the capital and confidence to do just that — they'll undoubtedly help us deliver a little piece of Milk culture to consumers everywhere as we expand across the world."

Homepage photo: @milkmakeup/Instagram

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