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The Outrageously Cozy Boots Keeping Whitney Warm All Winter

I thought I knew what "comfortable footwear" was before I met these, but I was wrong.
Mou Antelope Cowboy Shortie, $426, available at Mou

Mou Antelope Cowboy Shortie, $426, available at Mou

When it comes to shoes, I tend to be pretty practical. Sure, I'll break out 6-inch heels every once in a while to feel fancy for a special occasion, but it's not my daily norm by any means. So, if you asked me whether or not I had comfy shoes in my wardrobe before these Mou boots joined the crew, I would've said yes.

But that would've been an unintentional lie, because the comfort level in these shoes has made everything else in my wardrobe pale in comparison. It's actually pretty tough to talk about without sounding hyperbolic. Lined with thick, warm, cushy sheepskin wool, these are the first thing I put on when I get home after work and I don't take them off until the moment I get in bed. They're more comfy than the comfiest slippers I've ever owned, but they're also outfitted with an outdoor sole which means I don't have to take them off to run to the grocery store or corner deli.

As for that exotic-looking fur outer? It's sourced from an ecologically managed, NSCPA-approved herd of springbok antelope in South Africa, which means I don't have to worry about supporting some ethically dubious fur black market by wearing them. It all adds up to a pair of booties that are giving me both literal and figurative warm fuzzies, if you know what I mean.

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Mou Antelope Cowboy Shortie, $426, available at Mou

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