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9 Tools to Help You Keep Track of Online Sales

Get ready to save some money!
Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

When Hukkster launched in 2012, the startup changed the game when it came to saving money while online shopping. Relying on flash sale sites — like Gilt Groupe — to bring designer-name deals lessened when e-commerce fans were able to keep track of their own preferences and wish-list items. By 2014, however, Hukkster and its "Hukk It" button closed and was reborn a year later as a daily deals site before it eventually called it quits. Many successors followed — PoachIt, Nifti, WorthIt and Rack It Up, to name a few — but even those shut down, took an indefinite break, switched gears or mysteriously vanished into an internet black hole.

Luckily, the need for online shopping and discounts continues, and new platforms, sites and programs are offering ways to stay on top of our favorite brands and retailers, and when they slash their prices. Some have even added a few extra helpful features, too. Read on to learn more about the tools to help you keep track of online sales and more. Happy shopping!


As a social shopping platform, New York City-based Countr lets you and your friends share, recommend, swap and group chat about potential online purchases. As you save products to Countr, you'll also be notified about when they drop in price. Plus, you can use your "counterweight" to get more deals and exclusives from retailers. To increase your score and receive rewards, users should actively interact within the Countr community, whether it's advocating a brand, recommending items or purchasing and reviewing products.


After signing up and installing the Covvet extension, browse through any affiliated e-commerce site — Shopbop, Net-a-Porter, major department stores and more — and once you find an item that you want to keep an eye on, simply click the Covvet logo on your browser. You can also specify a discount amount that you want to be notified about (or just when it goes on sale), and the products that you choose will also be kept on Covvet's website. You'll then receive an alert via email once an item goes on sale.


Aside from browsing the London-based shopping platform's always-updated and curated sales page, account users can save items and get notified if prices drop by email or via the Lyst mobile app. Plus, when saving an item that gets sold out, you'll get an alert once it's restocked.

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Newly launched Parcel promises to make online shopping easier by letting you create and categorize shopping wish-lists — from vacation must-haves to winter wardrobe staples — compiled with products from all over the web. Not only will you be notified once a saved item goes on sale or start to sell out, but you can maintain budgets for each list, so you know that you're not overspending.


If you're already an avid user of Pinterest, then this tool should certainly come in handy. The image-collecting site can keep track of your buyable pins, so when a saved item's price drops, you'll be notified through the Pinterest app and by email. Then you make a purchase straight through the pin itself.


While Savelist's main purpose is to compile and organize all of your wish-list-worthy items from multiple retailers in one place, you'll also receive a push notification or email whenever any of those items goes on sale. Pretty convenient, right?

Shop It To Me

San Francisco-based Shop It To Me works on a broader scale when it comes to tracking sales. Once you sign up and start an account, you choose all of the brands and designers that you're a fan of, select your sizes and Shop It To Me will scout all of retail cyberspace to bring you with an emailed list of items on sale by the labels you love. You'll get this info through its Salemail, which you can receive biweekly, weekly or daily basis.


Chances are you've used this search platform, which was founded in 2006, before while online shopping. For the next time you're on ShopStyle, set a sale alert for a specific product by clicking on the item's bell graphic. Like Shop It To Me, you can cast a wider search — "black loafers" or "Acne coats," for example — filter the brands and/or stores that you would like to choose from and then save that search. Once items within that search go on sale, you'll get a notification about it.


Similarly to Covvet, once you sign up and add Shoptagr's extension to your browser, you can shop online and save the items that you'd like to purchase at a cheaper price. You can also specify your size, a particular percentage off for a notification and the ability to add the item to a certain wish list. Once those needs are met, you'll get an email or push notification. Shoptagr will also keep all of your saved items in one place on its site.

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