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'Paper' Magazine Fires Fashion Editor Following Email Rampage Against Intern

The publication took the intern's side after Paul-Simon Djite reportedly called her a "real sh-t" in an unhinged mass email to designers.
Bella Hadid for Paper Magazine's winter 2016 cover. Photo: Nicolas Moore

Bella Hadid for Paper Magazine's winter 2016 cover. Photo: Nicolas Moore

Well, this is one way to air your grievances over an intern. Over the weekend, it was reported that Paper's fashion editor Paul-Simon Djite sent out a strongly-worded mass email to a list of designers on Wednesday blasting his former intern, Kierra Webster. According to an article from Page Six, the email started with the subject line, "Intern trying to bullshit her way into shows." In the body of the message, Djite allegedly wrote "It's been brought to my attention that Keirra Webster . . . has been trying to RSVP for shows claiming she is my assistant," before going on to describe Webster as "an intern at PAPER, a real shit one," in addition to other expletive-laden qualifiers, like: "Such blatant stupidity . . . who birthed you keirra? they need to put you back in. you silly twat. quit your f–king around."

In an interesting turn of events, Paper has publicly rebuked Djite's comments, and according to an email from Paper co-Editor-in-Chief Kim Hastreiter, Djite is no longer at the title. "We retract every portion of [Djite's] ­e-mail," wrote Hastreiter. "It was sent without contains many comments which were totally unjustified and inappropriate." Hastreiter's email also reportedly maintains that Webster's internship is still active, and that she is in "good standing" at the magazine. Djite told Page Six that he's "not proud" of his email, and Webster admitted she should have worded hers differently. A rep for Paper did not immediately respond to our request for confirmation.

Let this be a lesson to think twice (or three or four times) before hitting send, whether you're an intern or an established fashion editor.

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