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17 Personalized Pieces to Invest in for the New Year

Take customization to the next level, from bags to, yes, Sriracha. the name of love. Photo: @dresshirt/Instagram the name of love. Photo: @dresshirt/Instagram

From bags to biker jackets and cell phone cases to Sriracha — you name it, and you can put your name on it these days. Personalization is hotter than ever with no small thanks due to Gigi Hadid, a major proponent of the have-it-your-way trend. (She must own 10 embroidered bombers at this point). As far as New Year investment pieces go, it doesn't get more fun or #instaworthy than something monogrammed or one-of-a-kind. 

Here, our roundup of customizable goods for you to splurge on in 2017.

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