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Maria's Socially Awkward — But Very Relatable — T-Shirt

And also pretty accurate, right?
Unif Hell Is People T-shirt, $52, available at Unif.

Unif Hell Is People T-shirt, $52, available at Unif.

I recently checked out Unif's Instagram page while doing research for an upcoming story — find it on Fashionista very soon! — and I instantly fell for the feed's '90s vibe, along with its Delia's-inspired campaign images, platform boots and the cool fans who show off their own takes on the Los Angeles-based label's offerings. This is a brand that has tapped into a very specific #aesthetic and it feels relevant, nostalgic and so freakin' cool, all at the same time.

While I won't be stocking up on sheer tops and plaid pants anytime soon — I'll leave those to the Cool Teens™ — I'm tempted to purchase a number of T-shirts from Unif, especially since New York Fashion Week is just around the corner and I need a few new additions to my wardrobe. One shirt I have my eye on is adorned with the phrase "Hell Is People" and a stock image of a rainbow. It's the type of conversation piece I would happily wear without feeling like I'm compromising my own personal style. (I'm a sucker for boxy, oversize vintage tees.) Plus, what's a better way to sartorially express my inner thoughts in front of a large crowd of fashion people? Sure, I might get a few puzzled looks but you have to agree that this shirt is just a little bit accurate.

Anyway, find me in the corner at Skylight Clarkson Square in two weeks. You know what I'll be wearing.

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Unif Hell Is People T-shirt, $52, available at Unif.

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