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JNCOs Are Back (Again) — and Now Cost $100

Sure, Jan.
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JNCO Jeans are the cockroaches of clothes. No matter how many iterations of denim pass through the mall's hallowed halls — the sartorial equivalent of a dinosaur-killing asteroid — JNCOs climb back into their Tony Hawk-shaped bunker and live to see another day. And if you had told me a decade ago that I would writing about them in the Year of Our Lord 2017, I would've responded with a big fat "sure, Jan."

But alas, here we are! On Friday, the following tweet from the handle @JNCOapparel began making the rounds: "JNCO peeps, you're in for a treat! Old school JNCOs are back! We've added 40" Mammoth jeans." Subsequent investigation proved that @JNCOapparel had joined Twitter in October 2014, and now has 1,600-odd followers to its name. The brand's website, JNCOJeans.com, does in fact carry product; its aforementioned FORTY-INCH Mammoths now retail for $94.90. I'm editorializing here, but that's about $90 too much.

JNCO Jeans Mammoth, $94.90, available at JNCOJeans.com.

JNCO Jeans Mammoth, $94.90, available at JNCOJeans.com.

Its product description reads as follows:

"The rabid devotion of JNCO fans and their adoration for '90s jeans like Mammoths have heralded in a new era. Not only can people who loved baggy jeans back in the day breathe new life into their wardrobes with a pair of Mammoths, but a whole different generation of men, women and teens can discover the comfort and joy of wearing these relaxed fit jeans."

It also provides a brief history lesson on mammoths, the long-extinct species, for some reason:

"Mammoths are an extinct species that once roamed the globe about 4,500 years ago, their impressive hulking frames in many ways embodying the prehistoric era. These hairy, imposing beasts once ruled the earth, but the entire species died in a mass extension event around the last glacial retreat." 

But context is important, because JNCOs, unlike mammoths, have the metaphysical ability to survive a system-wide extinction. In February 2015, a Chinese investor made a significant enough contribution that it allowed for the company to stage a full relaunch, and these Mammoths are the fruits of JNCOs most recent labor. Plus, luxury labels like Off-White, Hood by Air, Stella McCartney, Gosha Rubchinskiy and, shocker, Vetements have brought wide-legged denim back to the runways in recent seasons, so we're thinking this timely revival has a little something to do with that.

Maybe it's time we give JNCOs credit where credit is due. These goddamn pants have prevailed over contemporaries like puka shell necklaces and Phat Farm — and for that, we have to applaud their resilience. Just like the mighty cockroach, emerging from the rubble. 

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