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Hey, Quick Question: Have We Reached Peak Designer Sports Bra?

From Calvin and Tommy to Dior and Fendi, this is getting out of hand.

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

Here are two facts that should be pretty plain by now: '90s fashion is very much A Thing, as is everything streetwear and/or athleisure-adjacent. Because street-influenced style often inspires designers' runway shows, we weren't too surprised when luxury brands started incorporating more casual, sporty items in their shows — take Gucci's infamous bootleg tees and the Dolce and Gabbana merch that models wore during the spring 2017 finale, for example. However, something we are a bit shocked about is the sudden popularity of one item in particular: the designer sports bra, frequently worn by Instagirls and their ilk in lieu of a shirt. 

Of course, the OG proponent of this look was none other than Baby Girl herself, former Tommy Hilfiger face Aaliyah (do kids these days even know who Aaliyah is?), and the Calvin Klein commercials of the '90s also heavily featured the brand's cotton sports bras with "Calvin Klein" printed prominently on the band. Thanks to the recent #MyCalvins social media campaign, the American label's bra is everywhere once again — though the classic logo has been changed since Raf Simons took creative charge — and super-fit "It" girl-types have turned to branded sports bras everywhere from Coachella to fashion week. It's likely this popularity among millennials is what led seemingly every luxury brand to introduce a version of its own over the past few months, as we cannot scroll through our Instagram feeds without seeing a mind-boggling array of these babies.

First off, Dior — whose new Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri is not shy about her plans to court a younger generation of shoppers — introduced bras with branded straps strikingly similar to the retro Calvin Klein pieces, which have been worn by the likes of Bella Hadid, Banks and Jennifer Lawrence.

In another attempt to win over millennial shoppers, Fendi just launched an online platform dedicated to cool kid style. Among said tastemakers is model Laura Love, who posted the below image of a branded Fendi sports bra — which is grade A Insta-bait.

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Also! Blogger Courtney Trop of Always Judging posed in this little Paco Rabanne number, which officially left us feeling like we were hallucinating. Do this many designer sports bras actually exist on the market?

Spring face of Calvin Klein Bella Hadid showed the brand some love by wearing #HerCalvins out and about (as did Kendall Jenner, see above), and aspiring Instagirls around the world followed suit. (Seriously. There are one million photos of people wearing this bra on the internet right now.)

Gigi Hadid, the all-American beauty with the much-hyped Tommy Hilfiger collaboration, did her brand ambassador duties around the globe in an updated version of the '90s classic. Meanwhile, her pal Hailey Baldwin was the face of the new Tommy Jeans campaign, which featured a crop top with — you guessed it! — an elastic branded band on the bottom.

And finally, Merch Gawd Kylie Jenner recently unveiled a version of her own in the Kylie Shop, which goes up for sale on Feb. 14. Mark those calendars, folks!

We've talked ad nauseam about the importance brands are placing on logos and Instabait such as this, but really — how many more versions of these basic, branded sports bras are going to be released before the trend hits critical mass? Also, when you could pop into your local Urban Outfitters and grab a Calvin Klein option for $24.00, why in the world would you spend your hard-earned cash on one from a luxury label? Have we hit Peak Sports Bra? Aren't these things for, you know, sports? And sweating? Are these things dry clean only? Are the Instagram likes really worth spending this kind of money? While we can't say this with 100 percent certainty, we're pretty sure the answer to all of the above is "yes."

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