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This Backpack Is the Coolest Leather Accessory Whitney's Ever Seen

I'm never carrying a clutch because it's "more chic" ever again.
Pons mini backpacks, $690, available at Agneskovacs.

Pons mini backpacks, $690, available at Agneskovacs.

I, like my co-worker Maura, am a sucker for a backpack. I'm sorry, but if a bag cannot fit my book and my DSLR and a snack in it, why does it even exist? If I wanted to only be able to bring my lipstick and a credit card and a stick of gum with me, I'd have stuck them in a pocket or in my bra, not brought a ridiculously small "bag" that I have to constantly worry about losing because it's not attached to me. Unless you're a famous person using one at a red-carpet event, in which case you probably have a whole posse of people at your beck and call willing to carry all your other stuff, tiny bags are not a win.

The thing about tiny chic purses, though, is that people wear them because they're, um, chic. But that's just where this handmade, vegetable-tanned Agneskovacs bag comes in — with its minimal structural design and unique shape, this is one of the best-looking bags I've ever seen, and it comfortably fits my necessities. It's like origami, but with leather! The pagoda tree handle makes it easy to carry as a handbag, too, if for some reason you get sick of having it on your back. In short: this bag looks as good as it is physically possible for a bag to look, and it doesn't compromise on space to accomplish that. Boom.

Pons mini backpacks, $690, available at Agneskovacs.

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