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These Were the 26 Best-Selling Beauty Products on Amazon in 2016

A full rundown for inquiring, beauty-obsessed minds.

Some of Amazon's best-sellers from last year. 

Some of Amazon's best-sellers from last year. 

As anyone who has ever shopped, lived or breathed knows, Amazon can be quite useful. Especially in a city like New York, where schlepping to Costco to load up on basic necessities like paper towels isn't always a viable option — no car; no storage space; no conveniently located Costco — Amazon can be an absolute life-changer. And if you haven't been using the e-tail giant to also stock up on beauty products, you're really missing out. Just about every makeup, hair and skin-care offering you can imagine can be found on the site — which also means perusing the items can become daunting. 

With that in mind, we bring you the top 26 most popular beauty products on Amazon in 2016, according to Amazon Beauty. And some of them are fairly surprising. Even seasoned beauty junkies may not have heard of some of the more obscure brands that made the list (Pura d'Or, anyone?). But you'll also find tried-and-true standbys (lookin' at you, L'Occitane hand cream), drugstore classics (sup, Aquaphor?) and luxurious cult favorites (we see you over there, Oribe). Click through the gallery below to see which products had Amazon shoppers clicking that tempting "Add to Cart" button more than any others.

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