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eBay Is Tapping Into the Under-24 Demographic By Partnering With Snupps

Could this be a way for the online marketplace to keep up with other fashion resale sites?
The Snupps app's commerce features powered by eBay. Photo: Courtesy

The Snupps app's commerce features powered by eBay. Photo: Courtesy

As one of the first online marketplaces, eBay must continue to innovate its 20-plus years of e-commerce experience to keep up with the wave of new and hip spaces to buy, shop and sell stuff. And the way that the retail site has been doing this is through partnerships and integrations with programs like Shyp (for streamlined shipping), eBay Valet (for easy selling) and now, with Snupps, an app and social platform wherein users can organize and share anything that they own, from clothes and shoes to a collection of vintage McDonald's toys if that just so happens to be your thing. Thanks to eBay, Snupps users can now sell the things that they feature on the app.

"One of the questions [Snupps users] would often get is, 'Is this is for sale?' or, 'How do I buy something like this?'" says Nicole Lyon, eBay's Head of Consumer Selling. "From the beginning of time with communities, trade naturally begins to happen. We feel like there is an edge there for those communities to sell their things quickly and get the most money."

The integration is fairly simple on the Snupps app. Once an item is posted, there's an option to offer that specific item for sale, which will automatically be set up with eBay. (Those who do not have an eBay login will be required to register an account.) Once the item is listed, it's up for sale across Snupps as well as eBay's on network of 167 million buyers across the globe. "eBay is one of the only marketplaces that could really fit with something like this because of all of the niche inventory on Snupps, and eBay has that wide spectrum," says Lyon.

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In the fashion category, both platforms are highly active. On eBay, shoes sell every eight seconds, and a woman's handbag is purchased every 13 seconds. With Snupps, there are about 3.6 million fashion items and counting already uploaded to the app, approximately valued at $200 million.

The partnership's benefits are also twofold: Not only will Snupps be powered with eBay's commerce capabilities, but eBay will be able to tap into Snupps's younger demographic of users, 74 percent of whom are under the age of 24. Though eBay is tight-lipped when it comes to its own age range, an infographic from 2015 notes only 14 percent of its network includes the under-24 set, while 61 percent come in between 35 and 64 years old. Of course, it's hard to compare the two, considering eBay's longstanding presence and massive user base — Snupps was launched in 2014 — but it's also hard to ignore the possibility of eBay beefing up its tally of Gen Z members and their buying power.

When asked for comment on Snupps's average age range compared to eBay, Lyon's response was somewhat indeterminate: "We're excited that this partnership with Snupps is bringing a new set of enthusiasts that are passionate about varied interests to eBay." With investors continuing to pour millions into a booming market of online resale startups, perhaps it's best for the longtime retailer to cover all of its bases.

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