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Emma Watson Launches Instagram Account to Document Her Commitment to Sustainable Fashion

She's using the platform to chronicle her "Beauty and the Beast" press tour looks — and what went into creating them.

Emma Watson is taking a break from delivering speeches at the UN and marching for women's rights to make the rounds on a press tour for her new film, "Beauty and The Beast." (Well, more accurately, she's probably still out there being an activist while she's on said press tour.) The actress, who has been known to grace many best-dressed lists in the past, is predictably bringing it on the fashion front — but she's also elevating the conversation by making it about much more than just aesthetically pleasing style choices. Watson launched an Instagram account, @the_press_tour, dedicated to chronicling her looks while also discussing the greater impact of what went into making them and highlighting sustainable fashion.

The above look, for example, celebrates Stella McCartney's commitment to cruelty-free materials and "forest-friendly fabrics." Then there's the organic silk faille sash and organic wool trousers of the Oscar de la Renta ensemble below:

And most recently, in Paris, Watson wore a custom Louis Vuitton look, which was created out of polyester made from recycled bottles:

We applaud Watson for taking the time to document her fashion choices — and the significance of what went into their creation — but no matter how chic or badass she may be today, let's not forget her humble roots.

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