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Fendi Kicks Off Fashion Week With a Party That Allegedly Got Violent

Fashionista received tips from multiple guests claiming fist fights, mosh pits and a gun scare marred the good time.

On Friday, the first big night of New York Fashion Week, hundreds of young, hip, good-looking (seriously, it was impressive) partygoers flocked to the South Street Seaport where Fendi — in collaboration with Boiler Room, an underground party from London that's expanded worldwide and streams its events online — was set to celebrate the launch of its new millennial-focused digital platform "F is For... Fendi." It had all the makings of an epic evening: a guest list stacked with models like Presley Gerber, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Lily Donaldson and Joan Smalls; colorful light installations that were ideal Instagram bait; a bottomless open bar and a musical lineup that included Metro Boomin, Migos and 21 Savage.

However, unlike most fashion parties that run a tight door and have the front of house down to a science, the scene on Friday was surprisingly chaotic. Aside from the crush of hundreds of uninvited guests — or, alternatively, invited guests that somehow didn't make it onto the list — attempting to shove their way in, those who did enter the venue were allegedly subjected to violence among the rowdy crowd. "Grown men were crowd surfing, [spilling] drinks and my friend got kicked in the face," one partygoer told Fashionista via email. "We thought her nose broke — it was gushing blood." By the time Migos took the stage after midnight, the guest claimed "full-on fist fights were breaking out by the DJ booth... it was insane and terrifying."

Another invited guest corroborated the story, saying, "I was right by a fight that broke out, and then one of the guys involved pulled a gun." At 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, model Cory Kennedy tweeted: "Gun scare at the Fendi party — I'm out." However, another source noted that there wasn't a gun involved, but rather it was a gold necklace in the shape of one. Curious.

A quick scan through tweets regarding the party brings up some pretty wild hearsay, including that there was an actual stabbing, a potential fight between Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky, and even more commotion outside. Of course, much of this is likely just rumor; organizers for the Fendi event did not respond to our request for comment by press time.

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I happened to leave around 11:00 p.m., and upon my exit, I heard both security guards and publicists screaming at the mob to back away from the door or they'd stop letting people in altogether; one publicist doing an activation at the event told Fashionista that she wasn't even able to get her invited media in successfully. Yikes.

You can watch the clusterfuck happen for yourself over at — things start getting a little hairy around the 2 hours and 30 minute mark.

Let's hope things fair slightly better at Alexander Wang's "no-after party" show on Saturday which, let's be real, is definitely going to be a party.

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