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The Classy Way to Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Courtesy of makeup artist/professional classy human Lisa Eldridge.

Beauty tutorials are big on YouTube — a search for "makeup tutorial" and "hair tutorial" yields more than five million videos. In this weekly series, we put a mix of popular and under-the-radar tutorials to the test and show you what's best.

"Size of lips goes in and out of fashion. For the last sort of hundred years there's been thin lips, full lips; different shaped lips have been fashionable. At the moment, a very full lip is very fashionable," Lisa Eldridge says in her pleasant, lilting, Klonopin voice at the beginning of her latest YouTube video. And indeed, that's true. But while there are plenty of explainers on lip fillers and faking full-looking lips with makeup out there, there's something comforting about seeing exactly how a trusted makeup source such as Eldridge does it.

In the video, she walks through every one of her steps for creating fuller lips, which includes starting off with an exfoliating technique she casually mentions she turned Kim Kardashian onto. While Eldridge's technique involves many steps, it's still fairly simple to follow — and here's the real kicker: It looks believable and natural in the end. Watch the full video below to see every step.

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Homepage photo: @lisaeldridgemakeup/Instagram

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