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Kiddie Couture: An Insider's Look at the Bonpoint Atelier in Paris

Yes, Bonpoint has a couture house for children.
BonPoint & Fashionista
Image courtesy of Bonpoint 

Image courtesy of Bonpoint 

Six stitches to the centimeter — and not one stitch less — are composed seamlessly on the hem of a young girl's dream dress. It's not just an article of clothing, it's decades of craftsmanship and artistry brought together to create more than material, but a sense of lifestyle. A lifelong love of quality starts in childhood, and Bonpoint has been the host of inspiration for over 40 years.

Like France's most famous couture houses, Bonpoint actually has a Paris Atelier. The process begins at the creative studio, where Bonpoint's artistic director Christine Innamorato, who succeeded Bonpoint founder Marie-France Cohen in 2006, conceives and sketches each seasonal collection. These drawings are then passed onto the couture workshop, where the sounds of sewing machines and the brand's bright signature patterns fill the space. Innamorato leads a team of talented women, including expert stylists and pattern-designers, pattern-makers and pattern-cutters who share twin passions for children and fashion. Clothes are cut to exact precision and fitted on real-life babies and children.

Image courtesy of Bonpoint

Image courtesy of Bonpoint

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The first Bonpoint boutique opened in 1975 in Paris at 67 rue de l'Université, and ever since then, the brand has remained focused on changing the way the fashion industry relates to children. The company, acquired by EPI in 2007, has grown steadily and organically, never sacrificing the air of luxury and exclusivity — or the obsession with quality — it was founded on. While so many other brands have their goods mass-produced overseas, Bonpoint has never strayed from its original careful and precious manufacturing process, all of which is completed in Paris. From a small outpost in Paris to over 110 boutiques worldwide, it's safe to say the the company has been able to capture the essence of quality for kids, starting with the stunning atelier.

That essence also extends to the brand's runway shows. Take its recent Fall/Winter 2017 show for example: A '60s-inspired soiree filled with classic French fashion and elements of punk, nature and the delicate romance of an English garden.

And get a glimpse inside the wonder that is the Bonpoint Couture House below.