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There is only one word in the English language which can appropriately sum up what happened at Jeremy Scott's fall 2017 show at New York Fashion Week on Friday night, and that word is: Shitshow.

I don't mean the clothes; I hear on social media that the collection was one of Scott's best in recent memory. I'm referring to the dozens of showgoers who were turned away at the door 45 minutes after the start time because it was "overbooked" — and I'm not talking gate-crashers. I spotted major editors from Elle, Teen Vogue, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Interview, Nylon, Refinery29 and The Cut amongst the crowd, which was ushered into an overflow room where they could "enjoy the livestream" of Scott's runway.

The first sign of trouble to come should have been the enormous line of people waiting to get into the venue when I arrived. I am someone who takes the ticketed start time very seriously, and while I don't still show up 10 minutes early, I do make an effort to be prompt, which means I was there right at 7 p.m. I left the office thinking I would actually beat the crowd of seat stealers that regularly make up a portion of Scott's audience, and was surprised to see the crush of people that backed all the way up to the front entrance of Skylight Clarkson Square. Included in the crowd were people who weren't even attending Scott's show; from the sound of it, they were lined up along the staircase in hopes of seeing Kylie Jenner as she left the venue.

Yes, the second sign of trouble was the promised presence of a Jenner, which almost always throws a wrench in plans. In this case, Jenner was filming for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" — or, so I'm told by people who were actually inside the venue. Mostly, I kept hearing people in the crowd chattering about how Jenner was on the tip sheet for the night's show. 

The third sign, which indicates to me that perhaps there was a serious gate-crashing issue, was that there was no one scanning barcodes or checking tickets anywhere in the line. It was just a herd of people, moving listlessly and slowly towards the door. By the time my group neared the front, people were getting testy. It was 7:30, everyone had stopped moving, and PRs were flying around everywhere (but not answering questions, it goes without saying). 

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Finally, word came down around 7:45: They would not be letting anyone else in. They were at capacity. No, it didn't matter if you had a seating assignment. "They've already seat-filled," a guard told one woman clutching her barcode. Security attempted to usher the waiting crowd into a room nearby to watch a livestream of the show. Seriously. Some people tried to push under the ropes. One very kind soul from IMG attempted to round up editors who were there to review the show to get them in, and was subsequently "kicked out" of the show himself by security. Everyone — and I mean everyone — was pissed. 

The group being ushered to the "livestream." Photo: Tyler McCall

The group being ushered to the "livestream." Photo: Tyler McCall

We had all waited in an absolute crush of people for 45 minutes on one of the busiest weeks of the year only to be told we could watch a livestream of the show. By my estimate, around 100 people were turned away. To say that the scene was unprofessional would be an understatement. And according to one source, backstage was not much better — Scott's team may owe some people flowers tomorrow.

To reiterate, none of these people had been late. I got there right at 7; I don't know who got there before me and many major editors around me, but some of them must've gotten in because they've posted from the show on social media. And Kylie made it, of course. Really, what's more important than that?

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Homepage photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images