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17 Lipsticks For People Who Hate Wearing Lipstick

Even the harshest lip color critic will love these.
Not everyone loves lipstick. Photo: Imaxtree

Not everyone loves lipstick. Photo: Imaxtree

Considering the number of influencers who consider "a coat of mascara and a great lipstick" to be universal essentials, it's surprising how divisive lipstick can be among beauty fans. You've got your hoarders, who arrange a rainbow of hundreds of shades from atop their mountains of glinting lipstick tubes, and your single shade devotees — expect to find backups of their one true love color tucked into the back of their refrigerator in case of discontinuation emergency. Then you've got the haters, makeup fans who embrace the idea of a perked-up pout but think those iconic bullets are a little bit too: too fussy, too dry, too smudgy, too sticky, too difficult to apply, too fast to wear off. 

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Lipstick loathers, hang on to your clear, unscented balms, because we rounded up 17 lip products that will convert even the biggest skeptics.

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