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Dhani's Lazy-Chic Mules

Perfect for a Los Angeles winter.
Loq Luc Mules, $325, available at Shopbop.

Loq Luc Mules, $325, available at Shopbop.

As you might've read, I moved to Los Angeles this month, and with the exception of the unusual bouts of rain the city's been experiencing lately, the weather here doesn't suck. One my favorite things about this fact is that I have a lot less to think about when I get dressed in the morning; for instance, if a couple of inches of my feet are exposed, I won't be at risk for frostbite. For some reason, not having to consider weather when it comes to footwear is the most exciting thing to me. Otherwise, I haven't been dressing that differently than I did in New York — just wearing lighter outerwear, if any.

I bought these mules when it was fall in New York, so I was only able to wear them a couple of times before it got too cold; but here, they've become my no-brainer, go-to shoes to wear for everything from lunch meetings to quick trips to the grocery store. In addition to always being weather-appropriate, comfortable and going with most things in my closet, they also just slip right on — no tying, buckling or heel-tugging required. Pretty soon, I will straight up be too lazy to wear shoes with backs on them. I think I'm adjusting to the LA lifestyle quite nicely.

Loq Luc Mules, $325, available at Shopbop.

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