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Nicki Minaj Just Sparked a Feud With Giuseppe Zanotti on Twitter [Updated]

The pop star is none too pleased with the Italian shoe designer, who she calls "racist" and "disrespectful."


Just last week, we were watching Twitter, mouths agape, as A$AP Rocky rushed to Off-White designer Virgil Abloh's defense after Raf Simons offered some less than complimentary opinions about him in an interview with GQ Style. Despite the flurry of press that often surrounds social media beefs like these, artists continue taking to Twitter when they have a bone to pick with someone else in the spotlight — just as Nicki Minaj did on Friday, when she full-on dragged Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti (the same guy she name drops in her killer "Monster" verse) to filth. 

In an angry series of tweets, the pop star expressed her displeasure with the designer, saying that he has named sneakers after her but "won't take her calls" to discuss a proper collaboration — something he frequently does with other artists like Jennifer Lopez and Zayn. Minaj and Zanotti have briefly worked together in the past: He created a one-of-a-kind pair of sneakers for her when she was featured in the October 2011 issue of Glamour.

Minaj clearly takes issue with the fact that Zanotti is "using" her for inspiration without actually signing her on, saying his "racism and disrespect won't b [sic] tolerated." In a classic case of "bitch better have my money," she's rallying her fans to trend #RunMeMyCHECK and #GiuseppeWhatsGood to send the accessories brand a message, and we're willing to bet it's only a matter of time before we hear from the other side. Stay tuned!

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Update: On Friday afternoon, the beef between Nicki Minaj and Giuseppe Zanotti went to the next level after Zanotti removed all of the footwear styles named "Nicki" from his website. While Minaj initially claimed that her complaints were not about the money, she picked up her rant by saying she's trying to set an example for other women in the workplace who often earn less then their male counterparts and/or are looked down on by fellow females when they do speak up. (Is anyone else totally confused by this whole thing? Or is that just me? Anyway.)

Instead of coming for a check, Minaj is hoping that Zanotti will make a donation in her name to the Saint Jude's Children's Hospital — and promises to match the company's donation up to $500,000. She's also threatening to release her correspondence with the brand's PR, which... yikes. Read on to see the fight escalate and tune in later for the other shoe to drop! (Get it!?)

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