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Karina Tried Detoxing Her Scalp (And Really Liked It)

Fewer flakes; much shinier hair.
Phyto Paris My Petite Hair Detox Box, $59, available at Phyto

Phyto Paris My Petite Hair Detox Box, $59, available at Phyto

Do you really need to "detox" your scalp (or anything, for that matter)? No, probably not. But at a recent event for French hair-care brand Phyto, I learned that maybe I should consider doing it anyway. A consultant for the brand examined my scalp with tiny magnifying camera plugged into a monitor nearby, and I could see that the surface of my scalp was scattered with tiny, nearly microscopic flakes of skin. (And mind you, I'd gone into this process feeling pretty confident since I'd just shampooed my hair earlier that morning.) All of that flaky scalp skin and hair product buildup can make strands look dull and can create an itchy feeling, which only leads to more flakes. I wanted none of those things anywhere near my head, so I was excited to try out Phyto's new one-two punch of oil and shampoo in order to (hopefully) remedy the situation. 

The duo — which comes packaged in a box set along with some tea to really drive home the whole "detox" message — didn't disappoint. First up came Phytopolléine, a botanical scalp treatment spiked with essential oils of rosemary, sage, cypress and lemon that's supposed to balance the scalp's oil production. I followed the instructions to apply it to my scalp and let that sit for 20 minutes, and then hopped into the shower to shampoo with Phytoneutre, the brand's clarifying formula. There were no instructions beyond that, so I went ahead and conditioned my hair as I normally would with a mask by Shu Uemura. After rinsing and air-drying, my hair felt super-soft and was definitely shinier than it had been before. I couldn't stop touching it. Whatever buildup had accumulated on my hair from earlier — dry shampoo, styling products, natural oils — had vanished, and my hair felt weightless and healthy, not dry. I also found that my natural texture was somehow enhanced to the point that I didn't need to do much to style it the next morning... or the day after that. 

Phyto Paris My Petite Hair Detox Box, $59, available at Phyto

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