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Reformation Is Getting Political With Its New T-Shirt Collection

A lesson in wearing your ideology on your sleeve.
Reformation Meow Tee, $50, available at Reformation

Reformation Meow Tee, $50, available at Reformation

From supporting sustainable practices to a commitment to female empowerment to being a premier destination for accessible, well-designed garments, there are myriad reasons why we love Reformation. Here's one more (or five, technically speaking): On Wednesday, the cult-favorite brand is launching five "Action Tees" that speak directly to the current political discussions surrounding the environment, human rights and women's reproductive freedom. 

"We believe in women's collective power and their right to make their own choices," said Reformation CEO and Founder Yael Aflalo in a press release. "We believe that America's strength is our diversity and that our continued economic and ideological success depends on compassionate and open immigration policies. We believe that climate change is the biggest challenge facing our generation and is a direct result of human activities." 

Each of the five shirts, with statements including "My Meow, My Choice," "More Trees, Less Walls" and "I'm Just Getting Started" will retail for $50, with $30 from each item directly benefitting the ACLU, the Environmental Defense Fund and Planned Parenthood. (Each shirt design is specifically dedicated to an organization, allowing you to pick based on the causes closest to your heart.)

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"We have limited resources and limited reach, but we will use the resources and reach we have to stand up for these beliefs," said Aflalo. And while we think you really can't go wrong with any of the collection's tees, we definitely wouldn't regret taking this as an opportunity to restock our T-shirt drawer with several acquisitions, for that matter.

Check out all five shirts in the gallery below.

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