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Maria Got a Supreme MTA MetroCard, Now What?

This hype is NOT NORMAL.
It me. Photo: Wherever memes come from

It me. Photo: Wherever memes come from

I woke up on Wednesday morning with the unexpected urge to find myself a Supreme MTA MetroCard. No, it's not some magic Unlimited MetroCard. It's just like any other MTA MetroCard that will you get on any subway or bus just like any other New York City-based human.

But rather than poems, hotline numbers and "Be smart. Be safe. Stay off the tracks." that usually adorn the back of a MetroCard, the public transportation company allowed Supreme to apply its signature logo as part of its Spring 2017 collection, instead. The coveted MetroCard can be purchased from the street-and-skate label for $5.50, which includes two fares or select subway stations for a limited amount of time.

My usual experience with buying a normal MetroCard goes something like this: I rush to catch my train; I swipe my card, the machine says "Insufficient Fare;" I loudly whisper an expletive; I run over to an MTA machine and buy an Unlimited MetroCard in record timing. "Would you like a receipt?" Nope! It's funny how this unexpected collaboration, Supreme's specialty, has convinced me to willingly purchase another MetroCard when I still have a good week or two left on my Unlimited. Hype is a real freakin' thing, people.

Around 4 p.m., after filming with a few Fashionista girls in Williamsburg, we ended up heading out of the Union Square station to walk over to the office. I saw two MTA machines open for use, so I decided to try my chances. I bought a MetroCard for $5 plus a $1 fee, and when the new card came out of the machine, I flipped it over. There it was: a Supreme red box logo. "Get more!" was our social media manager Chloe's response. So I did, and so did she. The dude that started to hog the machine next to us flashed a quarter-of-an-inch-thick stack of his own Supreme-adorned MetroCards, likely to sell for profit. (On eBay, these pieces of plastic go for anywhere between $15 and $5,000.) I ended up with a total of four Supreme MTA MetroCards, two of which I gave away. The other two I plan on keeping for myself.

It was far from the frenzied experience of long lines, resellers and annoyed MTA agents that we saw all over the city when these cards first dropped on Monday, but I sure as hell felt like Charlie finding a Golden Ticket. The high from this rare type of beginner's luck is not normal... and I wanted more.

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At the end of the day on Wednesday, I figured I would try to buy another MetroCard or two at the Broadway-Lafayette station. As I descended the steps underground with Liza, our audience development manager who very much understands the fuccboi urges I was currently experiencing, we were greeted with a line of Cool Teens™, 60-plus-deep. They were all waiting for the the same MetroCard machine, while the two machines next to it were openly available and very lonely. I opted out of waiting in line and instead tried my luck at the Atlantic Avenue subway station in Brooklyn. No dice.

Things have only gotten weirder: I had a dream last night that I got the only remaining Supreme MTA MetroCard and I tried not once, but twice at two different subway stations, on my way to the office on Thursday. Nada. So, now I have three extra MetroCards with enough fares to last me through the remainder of my week's commutes. Cool.

Anyway, this Editors' Pick has clearly turned into a cry for help. Hi, my name is Maria and I'm a hypebeast. Holler at me if you need a swipe.

Supreme MTA Metrocard, $5.50 (or more, because this stuff's addictive), available at select MTA subway stations.

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