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Whitney Needs These Ethical, Not-Even-A-Little-Bit Boho, Iridescent Flats

Just because I care about ethical fashion doesn't mean I want to dress like a hippie.
Iridescent flat, $230, available at Sydney Brown

Iridescent flat, $230, available at Sydney Brown

I've written before about my frustration with the fact that ethical brands' aesthetics quite often fall squarely in the crunchy-boho-hippie realm. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against long beaded necklaces and flowy dresses. It's just that they're not really my thing. I totally get why so many brands are using bamboo or cotton when they're trying to do things sustainably; those materials are inherently more ethical than petroleum-based materials like nylon or acrylic, especially if they're grown organically. But um, guilty admission: I really like how some of those more future-y fabrics look.

But behold! Companies like Sydney Brown exist, and therefore I have cause to rejoice. The brand uses a factory in Portugal that's committed to fair laborer practices, and the shoes are made mostly from materials like cork, natural rubber and sustainably harvested wood. The fact that they've managed to incorporate those materials into shoes like these funky iridescent flats means that style doesn't have to be sacrificed for sustainability, either. See ya later, granola moms.

Iridescent flat, $230, available at Sydney Brown

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