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Just under four years ago, I wrote a Fashionista post called "10 Long-Lost '90s Trends Ripe for a Comeback." (What, you don't remember? OK, fine. I forgive you.) 

It was the beginning of fashion's obsession with the pre-aughts decade: Opening Ceremony had begun selling a fur-covered slap bracelet; glitter jelly sandals made their triumphant (?) return to the high-street shelves, and Our Lord and Savior Beyoncé was spotted with a belly button piercing. 

We knew the naughty '90s were here again in a major way. But little did we realize just how much that comeback would affect our everyday style and Pinterest boards — or that, within three or so orbits around the sun, we'd all be tripping over ourselves to score Kylie Jenner's mud-stained lips and Kendall Jenner's ubiquitous choker necklaces. 

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So, we decided to take a look back at the trends we (honestly, kinda jokingly) predicted would make their return — and see where they stand today. Let's just say we got the feeling Urban Outfitters' buyers might have used the original story as inspiration.

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