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We Should Forget About Going-Out Tops Because Alexa Chung Wore a Striped Sweater to a Dive Bar

Going-Out Tops had a brief moment there, but I guess they're done now.

Going-Out Tops were well on their way to a gradual resurgence. Two years ago, our friends at The Cut published a delightful piece of commentary about how "Game of Thrones"'s Daenerys Targaryen was the "queen" of Going-Out Tops; as recently as four days ago, Man Repeller's Leandra Medine officially declared them "back and legitimately better than before." And, despite generally disliking nightclubs, we were excited! 

But I guess it's time to discard all those hot takes (for now) because the one true doyenne of trendsetting, Alexa Chung, is out here wearing chunky knits to dive bars. 

On Monday night, Chung posted a picture of herself in a fluffy striped sweater at South Williamsburg watering hole East River Bar (as identified by Maria, Fashionista's resident cool-person). Logistically, such a sweater shares no similarities with your standard Going-Out Top, aside from the fact that it covers your torso as is required by law. But Chung wore it to a bar (which serves alcohol and plays music — two important qualifications for the Going-Out Top) so that must mean striped sweaters are officially in. Soon, Forever 21 will be swapping its chain-mail halter crop tops for imitation cashmere, and the kids will be splattering sweat all over the dance floors at places like "Le Bain" or "Tenjune."

Or Chung just went to grab a beer with a friend and this is what she had been wearing all day.

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