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Whitney Loves These Non-Minimalist Black Boots

Not too over-the-top, not too boring, just right.
Dipper boot, $255, available at BED|STÜ

Dipper boot, $255, available at BED|STÜ

Even before Alessandro Michele turned Gucci into a maximalist's wet dream that editors couldn't stop talking about, I was not a minimalist. Sure, I sometimes wear head-to-toe black when I'm feeling lazy and I'm as quick as the next gal to double-tap images of sparsely furnished, well-lit interiors on Instagram, but I've never taken the "less is more" adage very seriously when it comes to my own aesthetic. The thing is, I'm not a true maximalist, either: Iris Apfel-levels of jewelry haven't been seen on my person since I was in my tweens and I stick to a pretty simple color palette most days.

For someone straddling the line between extremes, these BED|STÜ boots are the perfect thing. They're short and black, which means they'll go with everything in my closet in true minimalist form, but the fun details — from the kiltie fringe to the buckle and brogue-like seams — keep them from being too sleek and pared-down. I also really love the slightly uneven wash of this leather, which is vegetable-tanned, chrome-free and free-range, because it makes the boots feel less like something out of a factory. And considering that they were hand-finished in Leon, Mexico, that's probably fitting. Gonna be wearing these with everything from my most over-the-top to my most low-key looks for a long time, I can tell.

Dipper boot, $255, available at BED|STÜ

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