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The Sheet Mask That's Getting Stephanie Through This Snow Day

Oh, is it snowing?
Dr. Jart Hydration Lover Rubber Mask, $12, available at Sephora.

Dr. Jart Hydration Lover Rubber Mask, $12, available at Sephora.

The second I saw the packaging for Dr. Jart's new line of rubber masks, I had to try one. Yes, I'm a beauty editor, but that doesn't make me immune to the marketing Siren call of the phrase "rubber mask." And the box itself bears an image of what looks a haunted Victorian doll undergoing a "Mrs. Doubtfire"-like makeover (you know, when Robin Williams sticks his face in plaster?). I ask you: WHO COULD RESIST THAT?

I was given the mask during a meeting on Monday, just in time to use it while cooped up inside as the East Coast deals with Very Much Snow today. (Coincidentally, it also hit today.) Unlike other rubber "modeling" masks that require you to mix up a chalky powder that congeals into a gel and then dries into a rubber, this one is a two-piece sheet mask that starts out with a rubbery texture. Ideal for lazy (and spill-prone) people like me.

First, you slather on the thick, cushy serum from the included pod — in the case of the "hydration" variety, it's spiked with hydrating glycerin, hyaluronic acid and calming essential oils — and then you pop the mask over it to help seal everything in. 

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Unlike other sheet masks that evaporate and dry out within 20 minutes, this one keeps doing its thing for up to 40 minutes — that's how long I left it on. And then when I did finally remove it, damn, was my skin in good shape. All that hydration had really soaked in, leaving my face dewy and crazy soft. That's exactly what snow days are for, right?

Dr. Jart Hydration Lover Rubber Mask, $12, available at Sephora.

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